Wells City Heroes

Submarine Showdown

After discovering Gearmaster’s hideout and driving off Wormhole, our heroes prepared to face the old villain himself as a gearwork submarine surfaced in the slip below. The heroes leaped into action, but Athena sunk beneath the water and Lamasu knocked the already-precarious catwalk with a crane and the structure began to collapse. Acting quickly, Sand Sphinx summoned pillars of earth to support the structure and form a stable stairway for the other to descend.

Gearmaster emerged and faced down Sparkle Phoenix and Lamasu while Seeker attempted to rescue Athena from the depths using the damaged crane. She acted quickly enough to avoid a jolt of electricity sent through the crane’s cable system by The Eel. The attack revealed the underwater menace to Athena, who attacked using the crane’s grasping mechanism, but damaging the submarine in the process.

Seeing a new threat, Haze reached into The Eel’s mind, planting a false memory of Gearmaster killing her parents to so discord between the villains. The Eel charged at Gearmaster, but Lamasu intercepted her with a pounce, bowling her to the ground. Only Sand Sphinx’s timely intervention prevented him from received a powerful electric shock.

Seeker pushed Gearmaster to reveal his plans and began persuading him that villainy was not the path to help his family. Athena surfaced and urged Haze to join the fight. Haze stepped through shadows and positioned herself to intervene if necessary while Sand Sphinx added weight to Seeker’s words. Lamasu continued to struggle with The Eel, who slipped into the water to escape seeing that things had turned against her.

The heroes talked Gearmaster down and offer to help him find a new way to help his family. He revealed that Wormhole was his contact with the Olympia Club.

After the confrontation, the heroes relaxed in Seeker’s hideout.

Welcome Sparkle Phoenix

Aurora asked Sparkle Phoenix and Seeker to back her up taking down Gearmaster, which could get them all recognized as rising stars among the young superhero communities. They agreed to meet her a Cedar Park to learn more.

Haze dreamed she was in ancient Egypt, scribing hieroglyphs that would make her unstoppable, even to the Sand Sphinx. She followed up with research, identifying the styles as early Old Kingdom.

The team brought Sparkle Phoenix to Seeker’s hidden base, where they worked together to find out more abut Gearmaster. They learned his daughter’s house had sold under foreclosure. Haze consulted with Sand Sphinx about her dreams.

Later, they met at Cedar Park, and followed Aurora to enter the maintenance access of the suspension bridge. They found steam tunnel access that led them to an underground hideout with catwalks and a boat slip. The heroes discovered Wormhole, who teleported Aurora away from the hideout. Seeker tried to capture him, but Sand Sphinx and Sparkle Phoenix knocked down the catwalk where she was fighting with Wormhole, and he escaped through a spacial distortion.

They investigated his crash-pad room, where they found blueprints of the sewers, the old subway tunnels, and the architectural plan of the Third Bank of Halcyon City. They surmised the villains were planning a classic bank heist. Athena also found a contact card for the Olympia Club.

Before they could figure out the next steps, the sound of churning water drew the young heroes back into the open docking area of the hideout as a gear-work submersible surfaced in the slip…

Field Trip to the Hall of Titans

The heroes joined their school trip to the Halcyon City Museum. Aurora clashed with the team mean-girls style.

The skeletons and models of the newly opened dinosaur exhibit animated and attacked the museum goers and the heroes jumped in to intervene. During the ensuing chaos, they realized the animation was a ruse to distract watchers from the villains true caper. They made it to the Egyptian archaeology exhibit, where they stopped the Mummy from stealing the Staff of Horus. With magic swirling, when Haze accessed her powers, an ancient spirit was dawn to her, temporarily seizing control of her action.

Sand Sphinx took the staff and left an illusion in its place.

After the conflict, the heroes turned the Mummy over to AEGIS. Lycos, one of the AEGIS, recognized Lamasu and praised their efforts.

The news reported Aura stopped the rampage but that despite the efforts and capture of the Mummy, one of the museum artifacts disappeared later that day during the cleanup efforts.

How The Team Came Together

While some of the heroes had links before, they first came together as a team to oppose the villain Virtual.
During the confrontation, they’re actions destroyed the semi-historical Arcade and knocked out a portion of the city’s power grid.
Despite their best efforts, one of the members of team was lost…
Their actions drew the attention of Jon Archibald at the mayor’s office.


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